Zarby International Inc. 

Sonia Zarbatany, Executive Vice President 


Zarby International has a unique approach to distribution. In the fashion industry, we stand out as a team because we take on our brands in a personal capacity. We don’t just distribute a your label; we become the brand. Offering everything from brand management, PR, marketing and brand development, we are committed to creating a household name presence for our brandslabels. We believe in our brands, and are passionate about the products we represent. We are dedicated to the exclusive independent needs of each of our brands labels, so that together, we can attain reach their our highest potential. Zarby International is a premier marketing and distribution company. Keeping strong lines of communications with our suppliers distributors and retail customers retailers, we ensure maximum cross-country exposure, enabling Canadian and American consumers to take advantage of some of the hottest trends viewed on the international scene. We aim to successfully distribute high-end, trendy global brands to the correct market segment and the finest best retailers accounts in North America Canada as well as to align the ideal sales, marketing and merchandising elements with the unique individual needs of each brand we distribute.


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Vince Camuto has established a widely respected reputation within the fashion industry over the past thirty years. He is known primarily for his passion—passion for product,passion for people, passion for life. Beyond this, and perhaps because of this, Camuto is lauded for his work ethic, strong and time-honored relationships, and innovative and creative approach to design, all of which have resulted in iconic industry successes. With this mission and approach, Camuto founded the Camuto Group in 2001, which provides design, sourcing, marketing and production services to over 5400 department andindependent retailers throughout the world. Initially several exclusive footwear lines were launched, followed by the acquisition of key licenses. In 2005, Camuto launched his namesake footwear line, Vince Camuto, which truly embodies his creative talent and commitment to value. In 2008, Camuto announced a number of key partnerships aimed at expanding the Camuto Group's portfolio. Current partnerships include roles as licensor, licensee and retail supplier with a variety of companies. To this day, Camuto works personally with each and every department, inspiring morale and ensuring that his singular vision is upheld.


Sanctuary Clothing captures the Los Angeles vibe of relaxed luxury along with the designer's personal gypsetter style. Sanctuary has become a wardrobe staple in the modern girls closet. Sanctuary's modern take on vintage styling, focuses on cloth, wash, and detail; destined to become one of your favorites. Unique lifestyle fashion that's ready-to-wear for: work, home or travel. Let Sanctuary take you there...

In Rome, 2012, a new concept came to life: Anonyme Designers. Three designers shifted the focus of fashion from the designer to the woman who wears their clothes – emphasizing the anonymous nature of their designers. Anonyme blends women’s femininity and elegance across a myriad of materials, patterns and styles, allowing women to express their individual style with a sense of freedom and passion. Anonyme’s traditional Italian tailoring coupled with its innovative and visionary designs allows women to continue to evolve their identity through their style. Stylish, sophisticated, mysterious and affordable, Anonyme is a luxury brand that reaches a wide range of women with their collections (Anonyme, Roma, and Unique) in two seasons (Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter), and a strong presence on three continents, from Japan to North America, in over 30 showrooms and more than 1000 premium stores. Their values embody the people and the Italian way of life, as well as reflect the international cosmopolitan influence that sparks its inspiration. A brand built on the philosophy that women are constantly being labeled: mother, woman, and professional, they offer women beautiful designs, versatility and unique, effortless style. The Anonyme woman expresses who she is and exudes her beauty and elegance through her clothes. Anonyme: no labels.